Why Who You Hire Matters

Hiring the right person for a position is critical for business success. Bad employees will likely result in bad business, and good employees result in good business. Seems simple, right? However, successfully gaining new employees is hard to figure out.


Why It’s Important

Time is money, and the hiring process takes time. Conducting phone calls, interviews and evaluations all take time, which costs a company money. Rushing the hiring process does save money when thinking about how long it may take to find the right candidate. However, this will not lead to long-term success. When you account for training and hiring costs, it makes more sense to wait to hire an employee until you find the right one. It is better for business to wait, instead of quickly bringing on an employee to fill a spot. In the long run, if the new hire is not a good fit, then the company wasted both hiring and training costs just to be short staffed once again. This is why hiring the right employees is crucial to an organization.

Improve Hiring Process

Write Better Job Descriptions: The way a company presents an open position can either encourage or deter the right employee to apply. The Wall Street Journal found that firms who write descriptions with lists of responsibilities and requirements alienate qualified employees. Instead, it’s recommended to focus on what the company can do for potential employees.

Improve Interviews: This can include many aspects, including getting other employees involved, challenging the potential hire and taking them on a tour. Depending what the position entails, the interviewer may or may not work daily with the new employee so it is important to get the opinions of those who will be directly working with the new employee. Additionally, an interview that tests and challenges the interviewee will help determine if they are an excellent fit for the job. Lastly, taking them on a tour will allow you to see how the new hire will interact with the rest of the company.

Look at Your Reviews: Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed are full of company information, including interview reviews. These sites can benefit an organization’s hiring process in many ways. Not only does this allow you to see what interviewees think about you, but it also offers a way to interact with company reviews. According to Glassdoor, 69 percent of people said they are likely to apply for a job if the employer actively manages, responds to reviews, updates the company’s profile, and shares news on the company’s culture and work environment.


If you want a successful company, then you absolutely need to consider who you are hiring. It’s difficult to figure out who’s right and who’s not. The hiring process is essential to success and continually improving how you hire employees will help lead to long-term success.