When should you talk to a Financial Advisor?


When it comes to your future, you can never be too safe. For many people, they believe that they have the ability to manage their own money. While this may be true, it is never troubling to have someone there to guide you through the overall process.

In reality, financial advisors do more than just sell you a specific product or service. Instead a quality advisor listens to your financial goals and plans strategically of how to best move forward with your investments. While you many not always need a financial advisor for a long-term commitment, there are definitely specific instances where a quick consultation can be beneficial for your future.

Below, you will find four necessary moments when you should meet with a financial advisor. These meetings will not only clarify any misunderstandings, but also enhance your knowledge of how to best handle your funds.

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You should meet with a financial advisor when you… get a new job or role.

Regardless of what field you are in, meeting with a financial advisor after assuming a new role at your company or a new firm is incredibly beneficial in putting your finances in check. Not only can they advise you on how to best begin saving for your retirement, but also they can provide insights on how to maximize your employer’s benefits package. For many businesses, much of these retirement options can be overlooked through the day-to-day training they will start you off on. To help alleviate the information overload, try and spend some time with an expert to break down any benefits that can help aid your financial future. This can also give you a chance to review your personal finances holistically and reevaluate any holes to get you back on track for the future.

You should meet with a financial advisor when you… get married or divorce.

Whether you are getting married or divorced, both instances will drastically change your financial plan in a variety of ways. As much as you can do this yourself, seeking a financial advisor can help alleviate the stress while also aiding you personally and emotionally. Let’s start with divorce. For many people going through this untimely moment, they know that finances, especially any dealing with combined assets, can be taxing and emotional for both parties. Rather than fight with your soon to be ex-spouse, try throwing in an objective financial advisor into the equation. They can help split any shared income or savings evenly and fairly in the most unbiased manner.

In comparison for marriage, you are dealing with an entirely new situation. Utilize your financial advisor to help you plan for your future goals and retirements. Allow them to guide you in reaching any personal goals, while also managing both of your accounts in the best and optimal manner.

You should meet with a financial advisor when you… get an inheritance.

Receiving a large sum of money is never a bad thing. This can come from a large inheritance, company bonus, a big raise, etc. The only mistake you do not want to make is squandering the new funding for frivolous opportunities. To ensure that the money will be used in the most beneficial way, try and talk to an expert. See what new financial options you can leverage to help expand your financial portfolio.

You should meet with a financial advisor when you… want to retire.

Retirement planning is one area, but actually retiring is a huge leap to make in your life. Rather than live with uncertainty, try and meet with a financial advisor of how to best allocate your financial funding so that you can do all of the fun things you planned for your future. They will provide you with a strong and strategic financial budget that will allow you to live the rest of your life with ease and comfort.