Transition into a Long and Happy Retirement

Retirement, Scott Storick

For years, you have asked yourself when this day will come. There have even been times where you have doubted that it will come at all. But like many Americans who have experienced a long and fruitful career, retirement is always just around the corner.

Now, what you may not know is that when it comes to retirement, preparing for the transition is just as important as saving for the transition. Yes, having the financial funding plays a vital role in the activities and opportunities for your golden years, but the biggest hurdle is the starting point. Many experts have even recommended easing out of work and into retirement with a planned and measured approach than going about it cold turkey. The reason why is because we are use to working. For thirty or so years, you have played a vital role at your companies. The transition from the daily 9-to-5 hassle and bustle will more and more difficult, especially when it comes to your personal activities when you do enter into your retirement.

But fear not! Below, I have provided some crucial and helpful steps to ease you into your golden years. These tips will provide the much-needed buffers as you begin enjoying the rest of your life.

To start off, begin your process by cutting back on your work hours. Weeding off the routine of the 9-to-5 is never an easy thing to do. You have seen this first hand with your weekends, especially for those young professionals coming out of college. But considering part-time hours can help you prepare your physical and mental transition each and every day. This will allow you to get accustomed to the leisure hours as well as new activities for your future golden years.

Once you cut back on your hours, begin cutting back on your expenses. While before you could splurge on things on a daily basis, retirement, in itself, limits your financial holdings to whatever sum you have saved for your future. To get acquainted with your new budget, begin altering your lifestyle that is more pragmatic and tangible to the funding you will have in the future. Now I am not saying for you to cut those morning coffees. Instead, maybe cut those bigger expenses such as clothing apparel or unnecessary trips.

Now with all the new extra time, you want to make sure you are utilizing it to its fullest. For that to happen, begin thinking about your own passions and interest. Some elderly enjoy watching television. Others, however, enjoy other activities such as sports, biking, traveling, etc. Whatever is the case, be sure to optimize your hobby! This will force you to stay active and youthful!

Once that is done, try and gain a holistic understanding of your day-to-day schedule. By managing your time efficiently and effectively, you will be able to develop a stronger and more tangible schedule for your future.

Now, like anything in life, this will not always be easy. But by identifying these roadblocks will allow you to ease your way into your new lifestyle. This in turn will promote a more happier and joyful welcoming when you finally retire.