Steps Before Retirement

Senior Couple

Congratulations! After a long and fulfilling career, you have finally reached the last leg of your retirement. Like many Americans, you may be looking forward to ending your career and enjoying the quality time with your family and friends. While you may be eager to jump into that lifestyle, take a minute and consider the type of retirement you want to enter into once you finalize your decision. The one big mistake many people make is that they transition quickly from work into retirement. Instead, consider easing into this new life. Understand that this decision is not just a financial one, but it is also a mental and emotional one as well.

Below, you will find various tips that can help aid you in your transition into retirement. By following these steps, you will be assuring your dreams, goals, and passions for the future.

Start off by cutting back on your expenses. Yes, I understand that you have made financial strains in the past to save up for your retirement, but doing this makes a difference in whether or not you will be enjoying your new life. Unlike your savings tactics in the past, there will be no revenue coming in to buffer your expenses. If you are looking for those daily brunches or long weekend fishing trips, you need to think strategically about the overall cost that each activity is for your future. Start off by seeing what you can financially cut out in your life. This can range from downsizing your home to adjusting your own everyday expenses. Remember, the only difference that stands between your happiness and goals is how much you have in your pockets.

If you have the ability to work part-time, try and do so! At the end of the day, you have to remind yourself that you deserve this. You have given your all to your company and they appreciate the hard work and sacrifice you made each and every day. By working part-time, you will be able to ease into those hours of “not-working. Many Americans oftentimes feel uneasy about not having a schedule because of that quick transition. Try not to make the same mistake. Understand that your retirement is not a punishment, but a reward for everything you have given to society.

If, however, you feel like you have more to offer, but still want to transition out of your company, try picking up a new part time job that can truly fulfill your days. Do not make the mistake of picking a position that is high demanding and stressful. Make sure that whatever job you take, it will be something that you can enjoy and benefit from each and everyday.

Lastly, if you feel like getting another job is not in your cards, try looking into various volunteer positions or hobbies to fill up your time. Many retired Americans optimize this time to engage in causes and organizations that they feel passionately about. One important thing to keep in mind is the financial aspect of the hobbies. Make sure that your hobbies align with your finances. Oftentimes, hobbies such as weekend fishing trips or sailing can be quite costly. You do not want to make the mistake of burning your retirement within a year. If you find that they are too expense, seek other options. At the end of the day, you want to enjoy your time rather than worry about your finances. You have already been smart enough to get to this point. Just be cognizant of each expense and how it can impact your lifestyle.