Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

After fully completing the public profile, the next step is to land on the first page of search engine results. LinkedIn already optimized profiles to land on the first page due to a strong web ranking, so use their resources to make the profile visible.

A profile with a photo is 14x more likely to get views than profiles without a photo. The correct photo to use is a professional photo of you in business clothes. Don’t upload a photo that the boss will find offensive or vulgar.

Use the background image section as a marketing tool. The background photo above the profile photo is a space to add visual personality. Instead of a generic photo, add a company logo, a slogan, or market an upcoming project (a book, a movie, an event, etc) to increase engagement and visibility.

Is the URL unique? The generic LinkedIn URL starts with https://www.linkedin.com/in/your-name-123456j89. A unique URL looks like https://www.linkedin.com/in/yourname. Personalize the generic URL link to a name you can brand. Examples include birth name, a company name, or a slogan.

Endorsements raise search engine results, yet the profile won’t allow self-endorsements. To gain endorsements, fill out the skills section and let the connections do the rest.

Interact in group discussions. Participation is mandatory to make joining a group matter. Active profiles attract other LinkedIn profiles to view the page, increasing engagement and exposure. Increased visibility increases rank in search engine.

Add relatable keywords in the profile. The information in the headline, the summary, the job descriptions, and the education section won’t raise the profile. Nonetheless, adding a keyword to each section will increase exposure when someone searches for it. Take those keywords and add it to each section.

Add media to the profile. Media makes a profile 3-dimensional with concrete proof about your online resume. Upload video, audio, web links, photos, and documents to the correct profile section. Available sections include work history, education, and summary sections.

Add bullets, numbers, and symbols. Generic summary, education, project, and work history section contain paragraph text after paragraph text. Make text lively by adding bullet points and numbered lists. Arrows, stars, trademark, and copyright symbols make the profile pop.

These suggestions will cause an uptick in search engine visibility. As more people see it, the ranking rises. Continue to keep the profile updated while remaining active in group discussions.