About Scott Storick

Scott StorickScott Storick is a Florida-based broker who specializes in retirement plans for the Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton communities. With over twenty five years of professional and financial experience in the financial services industry.  

Scott Storick‘s Academic Background

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Scott Storick was taught the fundamental importance of teamwork, hard work, and success. These systemic factors were fashioned early in and out of the classroom, and he strived to be a leader and a representative anywhere he went. No matter where he was seen, whether it was on the basketball court or graduating from Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia, these core values defined both actions and mentality in many aspects of Scott’s life.

A huge factor in establishing these values was sports, especially during his high school years. Like every athlete, you learn invaluable characteristics to become both a leader and a player. You learn how to overcome adversity and motivate with passion. You learn to stay consistent, self-disciplined, and self-focused. Last but not least, you learn to trust people. That trust and understanding Scott had in his teammates became the overall theme of his life.

Work Experience

Today, Scott Storick has taken his experiences to heart. He is a type of individual who likes to invest in people and their goals for the future. He uses his aptitude, passion, and work ethics for success to help carve a path for the professional he wants to be for his clients day-in and day-out. Scott’s financial firm, provides in-depth analysis for individuals in order to give them the options in reaching their specific goals. Their ideas of teamwork and corporate responsibility allow them to become a defining factor in people’s lives both personally and financially.

Scott Storick: Personal Life

When he’s not busy with his extensive professional career, Scott enjoys the simpler things in life. He is an avid sports fan who is particularly captivated by football and basketball. While he no longer plays the sports himself — aside from the occasional pick up game here and there — he routinely likes to watch and cheer on his favorite teams during their seasons. Originally from North Carolina, he was hardwired from infancy to root for the Carolina Panthers and the Duke Blue Devils whenever they’re playing a game. However, living in Florida has influenced Scott as well; he has since become a fan of the Miami Heat.

Scott Storick is also enthusiastic about broadening his tastes and expanding his palate — one might even call him a recreational foodie. Living in South Florida, which is a burgeoning food scene in itself, gives Scott virtually unlimited access to the amazing cuisine and vibrant nightlife of the region.